RR haiku 077





RR haiku 076

i write haiku

because there is nothing

better to do


“External Memory”, my solo show at Upstream Gallery Amsterdam, opens this Saturday

deep sadness .gif

This Saturday, 17:00-20:00, my exhibition “External Memory” opens at Upstream Gallery in Amsterdam.

There will be lenticular paintings, projections of websites, and my first ever sculpture.

Hope to see you there!


RR haiku 075


even though it sucks

it’s awesome


RR haiku 074

would you create

something amazing for us

we have no budget


RR haiku 073

i’m not sure

who reads my poems

you do


“Falling” by our band Cold Void


RR haiku 072

a room full of people


holding drinks


RR haiku 071

yeah totally

i know

for sure


RR haiku 070

there’s so much out there

why would anyone ever

create anything


RR haiku 069

i just paid $15

for a glass of orange juice

it was worth it


RR haiku 068





RR haiku 067

why do they

get more than me

not fair


RR haiku 066

take it easy

breathe in

breathe out


“Idle Hands” by our band Cold Void


RR haiku 065

all i want to do

is sit on a beach

and write haiku


The simplest music video ever made

“Gaze” by our band Cold Void


RR haiku 064

find a space

invite many artists

ask them to bring their projector