RR haiku 061

what you have

what you want

what you need


RR haiku 060



too late


RR haiku 059

green tea

in a white cup

with a blue line


RR haiku 058

sun rises

sun sets



Too hardcore for the museum network

misternicehands blocked


RR haiku 057

thank you

for reading



RR haiku 056

hopefully, one day

i will make something truly




“Misery”, new song by our band Cold Void


RR haiku 055





JODI netart video walkthrough by me

On the occasion of JODI’s exhibition at Mama Rotterdam, I created a movie.

It’s a screenrecording of me browsing their chaotic body of work,
checking which works are still online, which works still run, exploring…

Hope u like it!


New Lenticular Paintings

Rafael Rozendaal lenticular paintings 2014

Rafael Rozendaal lenticular paintings 2014

Rafael Rozendaal lenticular paintings 2014


My talk at the DLD14 conference

I was lucky to be in Munich for the DLD conference.

This is my presentation. I spoke about how I translate my online work to exhibitions. There were some technical issues, so I’m a bit confused in the beginning of the talk, but bear with me because I have many ideas I want to share with you.

Thank you everyone at DLD!


RR haiku 054





RR haiku 053

a calm fire


at its end


RR haiku 052

so far

so good

so very good


New Website: Flying Frying .com

flying frying .com

New website! Flying Frying .com


RR haiku 051

guess what?

i’m working

on my computer


An artist I like: Oskar Nerlinger

oskar nerlinger

oskar nerlinger

oskar nerlinger

oskar nerlinger