Quotes from “The Secret Life of Salvador Dali”

secret life salvador dali

In the aesthetic point of view freedom is formlessness.

The ever-perspicacious reader will already have discovered without difficulty that modesty is not my specialty.

I have always had an answer for everything, and this time I also had one.

I understood almost nothing of what I read, and this in itself filled me with pride and satisfaction.

My immeasurable arrogance always immunized me against being affected by anything.

It was the first and the last time in my life that for several minutes I lost faith in myself.

My position was that happiness or unhappiness is an ultra-individual matter having nothing to do with the structure of society, the standard of living or the political rights of the people.

Only beings composed of nothingness and mediocrity are capable of elevating themselves a little with alcohol.

One maxim became axiomatic for my spirit: If you decide to wage a war for the total triumph of your individuality, you must begin by inexorably destroying those who have the greatest affinity with you. All alliance depersonalizes; everything that tends to the collective is your death; use the collective, therefore, as an experiment, after which strike hard, and remain alone!

I do not understand why, when I ask for a grilled lobster in a restaurant, I am never served a cooked telephone;

With me no one could ever tell where humor ended and my congenital fanaticism began, so that people soon got used to letting me do whatever I wanted.

After three days of furiously jerking fortune’s cock it ejaculated in a spasm of gold!

Very rich people have always impressed me; very poor people, like the fishermen of Port Lligat, have likewise impressed me; average people, not at all.

I have never understood the rapidity with which I became popular.

War had transformed men into savages. Their sensibility had become degraded. One could see only things that were terribly enlarged and unbalanced. After a long diet of nitro-glycerine, everything that did not explode went unperceived.

I have never succeeded in learning the alphabet by heart, and when I need to look up something in the dictionary all I have to do is to open it at random, and I always find what I am looking for.

“To rest,” for me, meant to begin immediately to paint twelve hours a day instead of resting.


black clouds .gif

black clouds animation gif


RR haiku 042

from torment

to anguish

and agony


Photoshoot in Iceland by Rafael Pinho

pinho rozendaal iceland

pinho rozendaal iceland

pinho rozendaal iceland

pinho rozendaal iceland

pinho rozendaal iceland

Rafael Pinho .com


RR haiku 041

for a very brief moment




RR haiku 040

sweet dreamy fluffy pretty

jiggly fuzzy tender yummy

gentle happy cuddly cozy


RR haiku 039

out of nowhere

a sudden, unexpected



RR haiku 038

that’s not true

that’s what

you remember


RR haiku 037

the future




Some photos from a recent trip to Iceland








Quotes from “Keith Haring Journals”

keith haring journals

There is an audience that is being ignored, but they are not necessarily ignorant. They are open to art when it is open to them.

Seeing is making.

My contribution to the world is my ability to draw. I will draw as much as I can for as many people as I can for as long as I can.

Computers are completely rational. They save time and money, they can keep records of every transaction (telephone, bank, etc.). Money is the opposite of magic. Art is magic.

I suppose people reading this expect me to write about my work and try to explain what it is I am trying to say, but I really prefer if the work speaks for itself.

The best reason to paint is that there is no reason to paint.

Nothing is important… so, everything is important.

I don’t understand anything. That is, I think, the key to understanding everything.

I think I always sensed it and understood it intuitively, but it is difficult to explain.

I tried, as much as I could, to take a new position, a different attitude about selling things, by doing things in public and by doing commercial things that go against the ideas of the “commodity-hype” art market. However, even these things are co-opted and seen by some as mere advertising for my saleable artworks. I fear there is no way out of this trap.

If you refuse to sell anything you are a non-entity.

The art market is one of the most dangerous, parasitic, corrupt organizations in the world.

I have found the public quite anxious to accept and appreciate my work, while the bourgeois and the “critical art world” is much less receptive and feel themselves to be “above” such work.

Artists pretend to be independent. Artists are, of course, allowed little liberties and even encouraged to be “subversive” and “political”; this only makes the control less obvious while in actuality it is strengthened.

The computer has totally changed the whole concept of what composes and defines a “picture space.” The whole relation between the creator and the viewer has changed. The relationship between the physical gesture of drawing and the resultant image has changed.

My style of drawing is very adaptable to technology. It’s really primitive high-tech.


RR haiku 036

country road

duck crossing

cars waiting


Liquid Liquid – “Cavern”

Liquid Liquid is an art-disco band that started in 1980 in Downtown New York. I found out about them when I met their bassplayer (and a visual artist) Richard McGuire a while ago. He told me the stories, it seemed like a cool time with a lot going on.

They are perhaps best known for their track, “Cavern”, which was covered by the Sugar Hill Records house band as the backing track for Grandmaster + Melle Mel’s old school rap classic, “White Lines (Don’t Do It)”. 99 Records took Sugarhill to court over the unauthorized use of Cavern and after an expensive court battle won compensation but before they could collect, Sugarhill went into receivership.

You can read/see the story in comic form here:

liquid liquid cavern


Everything Always Everywhere .com

everything always everywhere

New Website! Everything Always Everywhere .com


RR haiku 035

the funny thing about money

it makes you do things

you don’t want to do


MOCAtv submissions

nothing ever happens remix

Download the Nothing Ever Happens Goody Bag
full of gifs and vector files.

You can remix, adapt, change,
or you can just think about the title… and make something.
Don’t forget to submit.


RR haiku 034

last day of summer

train leaving new york

more people than seats


New website: Maybe What .com

2013 maybe what

New website! maybe what .com