new piece: please donate .biz

please donate .biz by rafael rozendaal

new piece: please donate .biz


domain name music mix

Domain Name Music Mix by Rafaël Rozendaal

This is a playlist of songs/titles/lyrics that inspired me in finding domain names.

01: Misfits – Hybrid Moment
02: Nirvana – Big Long Now
03: Hot Butter – Popcorn
04: Brenda Lee – I’m Sorry
05: Sheer Terror – Burning Time
06: 7 Seconds – (We Will Attack In) Red And Black
07: Marcia Griffiths – Electric Boogie
08: Ice-T – Pain (lyrics)
09: Lil Wayne – 3 Peat (lyrics)
10: Urgehal – Nekromisantrop
11: Mayhem – From The Dark Past
12: Morbid Angel – Prayer Of Hatred (Formulas Fatal To The Flesh album)
13: Shining – Eerie Cold (from Kvarforth’s knuckle tattoo)


what question do you ask yourself most often?

kaiseki dinner rafael rozendaal

Joris Dockx asks: What question do you ask yourself most often?

Hello Joris, thank you for your question.

During any given day, various questions pass through my mind. Am I doing OK? How can I do less and make more money? Where will I find new ideas? Will the world still exist in 40 years?

One thing however, is ALWAYS on my mind: food.
When do I eat next? What will it be? Where can I find the absolute best?
I wake up every morning contemplating the food of the day. Where to go, what to do, who to eat with…

I’m always hungry. I was born with an infinite appetite. I’ve learned to stop eating at a point that seems reasonable, but it doesn’t mean I’m full. It’s never enough. A part of me just wants to eat bacon all day. Nothing can beat bacon; it’s greasy AND crispy AND salty.
But I don’t want to look like Jabba the Hutt so I try to find things that are both healthy and delicious.
Local food is always best, it makes traveling even better.

To follow my eating habits, check


memories from DLD 2011

eric schmidt rafael rozendaal photo by nik kosmas

I was lucky to be part of the DLD 2011 conference. DLD (Digital-Life-Design) is an annual gathering of leading figures in technology, science, business and culture. I showed work on touchscreens, VJ-ed at the party, and observed.

Flying business class is nice, staying at a 5-star hotel is even nicer. The skylight pool was the best.

There is a lot of money in tech.
I overheard a conversation between 2 investors: “Thanks for that tip, you saved me 40 million.

30 year old CEO Andrew Mason spoke about turning down Google’s 6 billion dollar offer for Computing power is very cheap nowadays so startups can scale easily. I wonder if the same will happen to engineering. In the near future, creating a web service could be as easy as sending an email.

A presentation on space tourism; tickets range from 200K (suborbital flight) to 150 million (flight around the moon). “It might seem hard to believe but for some people 200,000 USD is not within their means, we’re working on cutting the prices even further.

Sean Parker (Napster, Facebook, Spotify) spoke about The Social Network: “It’s a great movie but also a complete work of fiction.” Later that night I saw him in the hotel elevator, drunk with 2 hot girls in his arms, looked like the movie to me.

Wellness expert Deepak Chopra spoke about spiritual wealth: “Truly rich people don’t spend money they don’t have on things they don’t need to impress people they don’t like.

Poet Hans Magnus Enzensberger spoke about the term cloud computing: “It is in interesting choice… most IT words are very dull. Clouds stimulate the imagination. However, clouds are very unpredictable, you should not be surprised if they leak and it starts to rain.

Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt (photo above) spoke about self-driving cars and realtime voice translation. Our present is very futuristic. Geeks rule the world and the future looks even nerdier. “Your kids are either asleep or online.” I wonder how long it takes till we let Google into our dreams.


new piece: tennis

2010 tennis court

New piece: Tennis, released on JST CHILLIN, curated by Caitlin Denny & Parker Ito.


xlr8r magazine interview

2011 xlr8r interview

A lot of your work seems to be about endlessness, an endless mountain range or a deep black hole or But this infinity runs up against the limits of attention, of the time the viewer is willing or has to spend. Does anything last forever?
Our perception of time is very primitive. I expect some major discoveries very soon. The earth was once thought of as a flat surface with the universe rotating around it. It turned out we were seeing things in a limited way. (More…)


gold on black

domain names black gold

domain names black gold

domain names black gold

domain names black gold


do you ever feel uninspired? if so, what do you do about it?

sun tree alvarado

Kate Ellen Murphy asks: Do you ever feel uninspired? If so, what do you do about it?

Hi Kate, thank you very much for our questions.

You first question: If I answer “yes”, it would mean I believe I am almost constantly inspired. I don’t know if I ever was truly inspired. I have lots of ideas, and I’m happy about where I’m headed, but it’s just a beginning, and hopefully I will grow all the time. I don’t think I have been truly inspired yet.

The second question: I noticed I get ideas when I’m bored. Solitude and boredom help me focus. Sitting in a train, walking on the beach, riding my bike. Being bored is quite painful, I naturally try to fill my time with things to do; meeting people, checking email, facebook, reading, museums, movies, concerts. But I need boredom to get ideas. Computers need a lot of attention, you are never really alone when the internet is near. I try to go out on my own as much as I can. Solitude is uncomfortable yet necessary.

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hybrid moment in mcsweeney’s app

Publishing house McSweeney’s released the latest version of their iPhone/iPad app. The app is regularly filled with new content by people such as Spike Jonze, Chris Ware, Judd Apatow, Jonathan Ames, Maurice Sendak, Miranda July, James Franco, Nicholson Baker, Wells Tower, Catherine Keener, Weird Al Yankovic, Francis Ford Coppola… and now me! My piece Hybrid Moment was adapted for iPhone/iPad and works great. Enjoy!


dld conference

I will be part of the DLD conference, Feb 23 – 25, Munich, Germany.

DLD (Digital – Life – Design) is a global conference network on innovation, digital media, science and culture which connects business, creative and social leaders, opinion-formers and investors for crossover conversation and inspiration. Chairmen of DLD are publisher Hubert Burda and serial digital investor Yossi Vardi. DLD has been founded by Stephanie Czerny and Marcel Reichart in 2005.

Lots of interesting participants, hope to see you there!


what is the meaning of life?

jardim botanico

Emanuele Marcuccio asks: What is the meaning of life?

Hello Emanuele, thank you very much for your question.

I never understood why this question is so important to everyone. Do people wonder about the purpose of life? A prime directive to guide them? Or are they looking for meaning in things that seem too straightforward? What does this tree mean? What do pumpkins mean? What do roads mean? What does school mean? What does love mean? What does war mean?
I honestly do not understand the question. I don’t really understand the word meaning. As if objects behave as aliases, insignificant by themselves, to guide you to a bigger mental platform.

I think meaning is speculation more than anything else.


BYOB Austin

byob austin bring your own beamer

A new chapter in the BYOB saga:
BYOB Austin at Wurhaus, Friday January 21, 8 – 11 pm.

Wurhaus is proud to present BYOB AUSTIN, a one-night event in which several artists will bring a beamer (projector) and display video works in a gloriously cataclysmic group setting. This marks the 6th BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer) event, part of a worldwide series of similar events originally initiated by Anne de Vries & Rafaël Rozendaal.

Participating artists: Amanda Joy, BLACKMAGIC ROLLERCOASTER, Chad A, Daniel Hipolito, Drew Liverman, Dylan Reece, Juan Cisneros, Kyle Dixon, Lili Navarro, Mario Zoots, Melanie Clemmons, Nora Frank, Ryan Beltrán, Ryan Lauderdale, Scott Gelber, Stephen Fishman, Tommy “Boy” Blackburn, Zak Loyd.
Curated by Ben Aqua


out of time sketch

out of time

out of time

out of time

out of time

out of time


from a forthcoming book of my domain names

domain name book


perspective sketch

perspective composition


what do you think about before you fall asleep?

sleepy computer rafael rozendaal

Claire Billingsley asks: what do you think about before you fall asleep?

Hello Claire, thank you for your question.
I usually fall asleep immediately. I lay down, close my eyes, and I’m gone.

Sometimes it takes a while. I enjoy those moments. Laying in bed with fresh sheets and a nice pillow after a hot bath… it is the most comfortable moment of the day, the most comfortable anything I can think of. I try to be aware of the comfort, to enjoy it and to take it in fully. Lately I have also been trying to be aware of the falling asleep process. This is quite difficult. I have not yet succeeded and I wonder if it’s possible. I close my eyes, and I can feel the sleep state getting close. I can feel a warm comfortable numbness, slowly moving towards my mind. But just before I fall asleep, I am no longer aware of it. I lose consciousness. How else could I fall asleep?

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did you fall into water or is this photoshopped?

rafael rozendaal venice photo by matthew stone

Marie-Pierre Letort asks: after the photo was shot (your CV page of your website), did you fall into water or is this a photoshoped? i like it anyways.

Hello Marie-Pierre, thank you for your question. Yes, I did jump into the water. I was in Italy, for La Biennale di Venezia, to participate in an exhibition in the Internet Pavilion. It was my 29th birthday. My father called me that day to congratulate me. He told me that many years ago, he jumped in the canal in Venice. He suggested “why don’t you start a family tradition?”. People told me not to do it because I would be eaten alive by rats but nothing bad happened of course. Matthew Stone was there and he took this beautiful photo.

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Below is a video of the same jump:


tunnel sketch

tunnel sketch
tunnel sketch

tunnel sketch
tunnel sketch
tunnel sketch

tunnel sketch
tunnel sketch
tunnel sketch
tunnel sketch
tunnel sketch


water sketch

water sketch


new piece: burning my time .com

burning my time .com

I made a new piece: Burning My Time .com, commisioned by Kunsthalle Athena.