I should

eat more vegetables
eat less meat
make more money
work on my posture
spend more time in nature
have a political opinion
give to charity
fix my parent’s computers
not worry


I made a new website: Open This Window .com

rafael rozendaal open this window .com

I made a new website: Open This Window .com


The world’s biggest kiss (HD video)

I was invited by curator by Lauren Cornell and the New Museum to show a selection of my websites on Seoul Square, the world’s largest LED screen, measuring an impressive 80 x 100 meters. The event happened on May 24, 2012 and was produced by Calvin Klein.

I always thought moving images are very versatile. They are energy based, not atom based, just like music. You can listen to a song at home, while you run, in a club, or in a huge stadium.
It doesn’t change the song, it does change the experience.

Works shown on Seoul Square:
Much Better Than This .com (Collection of Almar & Margot van der Krogt)
Falling Falling .com
Like This Forever .com (Collection of Allen & Overy)
Towards and Beyond.com

Music by Cold Void (Rafaël Rozendaal & Luuk Bouwman)

A big thank you to everyone involved…

rafael rozendaal seoul square kiss

rafael rozendaal seoul square falling

rafael rozendaal seoul square rose

rafael rozendaal seoul square towardsbeyond


A short RR interview at DLD 2012

This is a short interview from this year’s DLD, Europe’s number 1 digital conference. I talk a bit about tools and possibilities for artists. I still think the “interactive video camera” has yet to be invented…

What I mean is that the invention of the video camera was a big deal, it made moving images much more accessible to non-professionals. Home movies meant there is a lot of experimenting from amateurs, and this is wonderful. Someone should build a super simple tool for kids/amateurs to make interactive things, mini games, experiences…

It would be awesome to see what people can come up with once the tools are easy enough.


I will be showing work on Korea’s biggest screen tomorrow

Seoul Square Building

The building you see in this photo is not only a building, it is also the biggest screen in Korea, measuring a whopping 80 x 100 meters! I am very excited to be part of a video program selected by Lauren Cornell of the New Museum. Other artists include Michael Bell Smith and Takeshi Murata.

The building is covered in LED’s and on May 24, from 8 to 11 PM, you will see one of the world’s biggest art screenings ever.

If you happen to be in Seoul tomorrow, please stop by Seoul Station. Seoul Square is right in front of it.

Supported by Calvin Klein.


Quotes from “Dune Messiah” by Frank Herbert

quotes from dune messiah

There exists no separation between gods and men: one blends softly casual into the other.

Every religious, business and governmental question has the single derivative: ‘Who will exercise the power?’

The universe is unfinished, you know,

Empires do not suffer emptiness of purpose at the time of their creation. It is when they have become established that aims are lost and replaced by vague ritual.

Truth suffers from too much analysis.

“There’s always the human situation,” Paul agreed. “A precarious thing at best,”

He felt that there were too many people in this room, that the air he breathed had passed through too many lungs.

There are many degrees of sight and many degrees of blindness,

There will be sadness.

The replacement of morality and conscience with law.

War is useful because it is effective in so many areas. It stimulates the metabolism. It enforces government. It diffuses genetic strains. It possesses a vitality such as nothing else in the universe.

Words are such gross machinery, so primitive and ambiguous.

I have to remember the future.

Do not compete with what is happening. To compete is to prepare for failure. Do not be trapped by the need to achieve anything. This way, you achieve everything.”

He fell face forward, dead before he touched the floor.


This Lou Reed video scared me to death when I was 5

This is the video for “No Money Down”, a song by Lou Reed.
It is one of the weirdest music videos that I know.
Nothing too explicit or violent, just really creepy.

I was 5 when I saw it first… I ran away from the TV crying.


I’m on Instagram

instagram rafael rozendaal

I’m on Instagram. My user name is Newrafael.

I resisted Instagram as long as i could… I’m already running out of time as it is. Social media are incredibly fun, but also incredibly distracting. All this Tweeting and Facebooking when I could be making REAL WORK…

But then again what is real work?

Perhaps micropublishing is a more honest and direct connection between humans. Instead of professionals trying to make big and well constructed works, everybody is sharing every thought, our minds… more and more connected. Perhaps micropublishing is about enjoying the process and not about results. I’m not sure…


BYOB MOCA LA video documentation

BYOB MOCA LA was a lot of fun…
See for yourself in this beautiful video.

It is a documentation of the event, but it also explains what BYOB is in a few sentences.
For all of you who are curious, read the BYOB Manual and organize your own one-night-exhibition.

Video produced by Ways & Means,
Directed by Stephen Pagano,
Photography by Tom Salvaggio & Stephen Pagano.


Dutch Clouds

dutch clouds rafael rozendaal