Post internet art

I’m not sure what the exact definition is, but I keep hearing the term “Post internet art”
It usually refers to artists who are “internet aware” and then make art inspired by their world wide web impressions.

I find the word “post” misleading. It implies that we’ve moved one step further, beyond the internet, into new territory.
We live in a post-newspaper world, post-tv, post music industry, things are changing. But I don’t know anything that feels “post-internet”. It’s much too soon for that word.

The futurists were not post-industrial. They were inspired by the industrial revolution and used that as the subject of their art. We might be shifting from an industrial society to an information based one. I am very excited to find out what the next step will be, when the true post-internet will be invented.


Frieze Art Fair, Lucky PDF TV, BYOB

frieze art fair

Are you ready?
This is all very last minute… Art collective Lucky PDF has a live daily TV broadcast from the Frieze art fair in London. Hennessy Youngman was going to present today’s broadcast but he could not board his plain… Also today’s set was built and ready to go but the artist was not happy about something so no set…
No set, no presenter, but luckily I’m in town to save the day. I will host the broadcast from 4 to 5 PM London time, and the set will actually be… A last minute BYOB! 6 or more projections with lots of moving images, many performances, music, interviewing, check it LIVE today at Lucky PDF .com

press release:

Today we turn the LuckyPDF set into a BYOB event with Rafaël Rozendaal presenting live from the studio. This BYOB London FRIEZE Art Fair 2k11.


Participating Artists:
Anne de Vries
Daniel Swan
Iain Ball
Katja Novitskova

If you’re coming to Frieze today, bring a beamer and get involved. We can’t provide passes to the fair unfortunately.

On Todays Show:
Episode 2: From Frieze Art Fair, This is LuckyPDF TV Friday 14th October 4pm – 5pm GMT

Presented by Rafaël Rozendaal

Tobias Madison
Jack Catling
Juliana Cerquira Leite
Ruth Beale
Christian Jankowski
Takeshi Shiomitsu
Michael O’Mahony

Titles by Gili Tal with Mike Lomon and Johnny Scarr
Produced by LuckyPDF

Join us in the studio from Wednesday to watch open rehearsal from 11 daily, or tune in here at to watch the live live broadcast Thursday – Sunday.


One Question Interviews at Frieze art fair


Lucky PDF is an art collective from London, and they are organizing LUCK PDF TV for the Frieze art fair, inviting over 50 artists to do lots of different things and editing it all to daily art TV broadcasts. I will be doing One Question Interviews on camera, asking Important Art People 1 question each.

see you there!


hole in the wall

hole in the wall


Tokyo Karaoke Brothers 2011 – Rafaël Rozendaal & Parker Ito

Recorded at Big Karaoke, Tokyo, Nakameguro, August 20, 2011
Album cover by Takahiro Yamaguchi
Thank you to Yosuke Kurita

01 These Boots Are Made For Walking (Parker Ito & Rafaël Rozendaal)
02 All Apologies (Parker Ito)
03 On The Road Again (Rafaël Rozendaal)
04 I Got You Babe (Parker Ito & Rafaël Rozendaal)
05 Buddy Holly (Parker Ito)
06 White Wedding (Rafaël Rozendaal)
07 Live And Let Die (Parker Ito)
08 Sweet Caroline (Rafaël Rozendaal)
09 Rock & Roll Suicide (Parker Ito & Rafaël Rozendaal)


Double Bauhaus .gif


happy birthday carol luck .gif

happy birthday carol luck .gif


I’m in a Nokia ad!

This has been in the making for a while… Happy to share this with you now. It’s an ad for Nokia’s new flagship phone, the N9. The commercial is a “day in the life of Rafaël”, relaxing, eating, tweeting, exhibiting, and it marks the beginning of my career as a hand model :)

Thank you everyone involved, it was a fascinating process to be part of.
Campaign by Selena McKenzie & Toby Moore (Wieden & Kennedy), director Bob Harlow,
production Somesuch & Co, photography Nanu Segal.

rafael rozendaal nokia n9

rafael rozendaal nokia n9

rafael rozendaal nokia n9

rafael rozendaal nokia n9

rafael rozendaal nokia n9

rafael rozendaal nokia n9

rafael rozendaal nokia n9

rafael rozendaal nokia n9

rafael rozendaal nokia n9

rafael rozendaal nokia n9


Theory of Everything exhibition in Grenoble, France

theory of everything

I’m in a group show, “Theory of Everything”, curated by Luca Pozzi
It opens this Thursday, September 29, in CAB, Grenoble, France.


intestines sketch 2

intestines sketch 2


Tonight my websites live on Raitunes Italian radio


Tonight, September 23, live, 10:45 PM CET. A live webcast of my websites with different selections of electronic music.
Follow me on Facebook, I will post all relevant links live.


10 BYOB photos

BYOB keeps on growing. I’ve selected a few photos for you to enjoy.

01 byob amsterdam photo by idan shilon_mg_0008
BYOB Amsterdam, photo by Idan Shilon

02 byob amsterdam photo by idan shilon_mg_0111
BYOB Amsterdam, photo by Idan Shilon

03 byob-venice-photo-by-riley-harmon-01
BYOB Venezia, photo by Riley Harmon

04 BYOB London 2011-3
BYOB London

05 byob paris 01
BYOB Paris

06 byob-nyc-2-photoby-rafael-rozendaal
BYOB NYC, photo by Rafaël Rozendaal

07 byob boston kara_stokowski_ryan_greene
BYOB Boston

08 byob-austin-photoby-Ben Aqua
BYOB Austin, photo by Ben Aqua

09 BYOB_LA_photoby-C-Coy-artist-PascualSisto
BYOB LA, photo by C-Coy

10 byob berlin 2 photo by Anne de Vries
BYOB Berlin, photo by Anne de Vries


intestines sketch

intestines sketch


apple drawing .gif

apple drawing .gif


new piece: falling falling .com

falling falling .com by rafael rozendaal

new piece: falling falling .com
commisioned by l’oeil de links.