Just in time for Valentine’s day: Much Better Than This screensaver

much better than this rafael rozendaal   Much Better Than This screensaver
by Rafaël Rozendaal
for Mac & PC

Price: $ 9.99 / € 7.50


This digital download includes an installer for both Mac & PC.
Payment is easy and secure, you can pay with your Paypal account or credit card, no signup required.

Preview of the screensaver:


rafael rozendaal much better than this screensaver



intestines sketch square

intestines square sketch


Interview by Matthew Stone

rafael rozendaal venice photo by matthew stone

Photo: Matthew Stone for Dazed & Confused Magazine.

Matthew Stone and friends interview Rafaël Rozendaal.
This is an archived version. The original post from November 6, 2009 is here.

Matthew Stone: What do you have faith in?

Rafaël Rozendaal: I think I am a very calculating person. So faith is not something I am concerned with. I look at something’s past and then i try to think what direction that could go to. I don’t think that’s faith. When it’s about me, I don’t know if my fate is decided or if i have a say. I try to spin it for the good. Sometimes my good intentions backfire, but overall I feel blessed. Knowing that things worked out in the past makes it logical to assume that things will work out in the future.

Catherine Borra: Out of all the possible languages (English, Latin, Spanish, visual, sign, irony, empathy, facial expressions, music, archetypes etc.) available on this earth, which one do you feel you express/would express yourself better in, and why?

RR: I have not yet really found something. I’m not very good at expressing myself. My work has nothing to do with expression. And when i talk to people I usually dont do a good job at translating my own feelings to words. I start talking too much and wrong things come out that hit much harder than the right things. Language is a world of its own which has nothing to do with my feelings. Thats hard, because there are a lot of things inside that want to find their way out.

Scottee: Solitary or Collaboration?

RR: I like making the decisions. And I love never having to explain a single anything. That happens when you work alone. Sometimes it is scary being confronted with the boundaries of your own imagination, but still I love working alone.

Susanne Oberbeck: What is your vision for a future society, I mean in terms of political system, families, human relations, architecture, reproduction and so on?

RR: I calculated the following: If we have ultimate communication tools in the future, it does not matter if you are right next to someone or if they are on the other side of the earth. If you divide 6 billion people equally over the earth’s land surface, we are all 160 meters away from our closest neighbor.

Iphgenia Baal: What is the one thing about you that undermines all the opinions you have made above?

RR: Language is a very primitive technology desperately in need of improvement. I feel very limited because of it. Only a few times in my life have I succeeded to feel free from language and that involved a lot of drugs.


A Kurt Vonnegut quote on music

Anybody practicing the fine art of composing music, no matter how cynical or greedy or scared,
still can’t help serving all humanity.
Music makes practically everybody fonder of life than he or she would be without it.

Kurt Vonnegut.

Found on the website of amazing experimental doom jazz band Stinking Lizaveta.


Into Time T-shirt available at Netstyle.es

intotime netstyles shirt rafael rozendaal

Sterling Crispin started the Fashion/Art project Netstyl.es,
a series of beautiful high quality T-shirts by internet artists.

The editions are very limited so you better buy that Into Time shirt soon!


art & time

number line

What was the art that captured the spirit of the industrial age?
What will be the art that captures the spirit of the information age?

Should art capture things, freeze them?
A lot of art freezes reality, it makes time stand still so we can have a better look.
Can today’s time still be frozen? Or are things moving too fast?
Or perhaps things are not even moving that fast? Is today that different from 10 years ago?

classic subjects in new formats
new subjects in classic formats
new subjects in new formats
classic subjects in classic formats


New York Operations Office

rafael rozendaal boardroom

click on image for larger view

I decided to expand my operation, this office is just what I needed.


Rhizome presents – tour of my virtual booth at VIP art fair

This video is a tour of my booth at the online-only art fair VIP.
It’s like a “director’s comments” feature on a DVD, I browse through my websites and talk.

It’s really awkward to talk to your computer when there is no one on the other side…

The Rhizome booth at VIP art fair is still open until Wednesday February 8.


My room in NYC February 2012

my room in new york this month rafael rozendaal

My room in NYC February 2012


Привет России от Рафаэля Розендаля

Рафаэль Розендаль

Родился в 1980, Голландско-Бразильского происхождения, живет и работает везде.

Рафаэль Розендаль художник, для которого холст—интернет. Его художественная практика включает сайт, инсталляции, рисунки, тексты и лекции. Огромная раскинувшаяся сеть его доменов привлекает большое количество онлайн–посетителей и превышает 15 миллионов посещений в год.

Его работы исследуют экран как пространство изображения, разбирают реальность до состояния сконцентрированных частиц, где-то в пространстве между мультфильмами и картинами. Его инсталляции строятся на подвижном свете и отражениях, давая зрителю возможность прочувствовать их в реальном мире.

Он также создал BYOB (Принеси Свой Собственный Проектор), новый открытый DIY формат курирования выставочных проектов, который мгновенно стал популярен по всему миру.

Основные выставки: Venice Biennial, Valencia Biennial, Moca Taipei, Casa Franca Brasil Rio, TSCA Gallery Tokyo (персональная), Spencer Brownstone Gallery NYC (персональная), NIMk Amsterdam (персональная), Stedelijk Museum project space (персональная).

Основные публикации: Flash Art, Dazed & Confused, Interview Magazine, Wired


My booth at web-based VIP art fair

rafael rozendaal rhizome vip artfair

Dates: February 3 – 8, 2012
Location: VIPArtFair.com
Tickets: Visiting VIP 2.0 is free.

“Enter the art world online”. VIP is the only art fair that is exclusively accessible on the internet. The world’s most prominent contemporary art galleries are part of it, and of course most of the works are paintings, sculptures and photographs.

This year Rhizome was asked to participate and curator Lauren Cornell asked me to present my websites in the booth. Doesn’t it make sens to show online artworks at an online art fair?

You can see a video-tour of my booth here.

Press release by Lauren Cornell:

Rhizome is pleased to present a solo exhibition of work by outstanding artist Rafaël Rozendaal, who is known for his trailblazing explorations of the web browser, and for his forward-thinking contributions to the curation and sale of digital art.

Rhizome will present eight recent works by Rozendaal at the VIP Art Fair, all unique websites, each one an animation representative of the artist’s exploration of the browser as a limitless pictorial space. Here, in the ‘white walls’ of the online VIP Art Fair, each work is represented as a screenshot: a single frame that also includes the browser window that demonstrates how these works exist natively online. Colorful, minimal and redolent with feeling, the exhibited works range from figurative, such as Hot Doom. com’s depiction of a volcanic explosion, to abstract, as seen in From The Dark Past. com’s rendering of a scorched emotional terrain. Rozendaal’s formal aesthetic—his tendency to render commodities, like popcorn, or familiar scenes, like sunsets–recalls Pop art’s interest in the mass market and kitsch. Yet, in these works, each image has been pared down, stripped of idiosyncrasies related to place or time, and transported into a visual language of computer graphics and figuration–a language the artist suggests is more ‘universal’ today.

Rozendaal is noted not only for his own digital work, but for his inventive, free-form curatorial project BYOBthat has been staged around the world, and his contract that outlines how a browser-based work can be sold. This contract applies to all works for purchase at VIP Art Fair, and is available online here. As an organization dedicated to advocacy of digital art, and education around its history, preservation, and exhibition, Rhizome is proud to share Rozendaal’s contract within the VIP Art Fair as an example of an artist’s bold move towards defining best practices around the sale of digital art. Proceeds from the sale of Rozendaal’s donated works will be split between the artist and Rhizome.


“Finger Battle” animated portrait by Isabella Rozendaal

rafael rozendaal portrait by isabella rozendaal

My very cool sister Isabella Rozendaal made this “Finger Battle” animated portrait of me.

Check out her photography website and her website on hunting.


The word “Art”


My definition of art is not very strict. I try not to use categories, I try to look at things equally, whether it’s a painting or a movie or a song or a fruit salad. If it’s good it’s good.

The word art has many meanings. People who make art are called artists. They usually operate in the art world, make art, talk about art. There are good artists and bad artists, just like there are good chefs and bad chefs.

What confuses me is this; When someone excels at anything, they will be labeled “artist” as well. “That chef is so amazing, he’s an artist. This is not food I’m eating, it’s art.” In this case the word artist means someone who is so out of the ordinary, someone whose work is so amazing that it changes your ideas of what food can be. It’s not just chefs, anyone who excels can be called an artist; teachers, athletes, lawyers, doctors, anyone.

An amazing artist is an artist, but a bad artist is also an artist.
An amazing chef is an artist, but a regular chef is just a chef.

Doesn’t that seem unfair?


My VJ-set at the Aux Raus farewell show at Paradiso Amsterdam

aux raus projection rafael rozendaal

Yesterday was the Aux Raus farewell show. The Punk-Techno (hard to categorize) band decided it was enough… their final show was yesterday. I projected a selection of my websites behind them during the show… check it out.

Thank you to Aux Raus for playing weird music for 8 years!


Digital distractions

block site firefox add-on

I remember the classic artist studio. My father is a painter. He who would sit and stare at his paintings for hours, looking and thinking before moving his brush. No phone, no email, just paint and canvas and empty space.

My computer is my studio. It’s not just a place for production, it’s the exhibition, a place for conversation, meetings, research, entertainment, and so on.
I’m a big internet addict, and checking Facebook-Twitter-RSS has become a reflex that is now a part of my muscle memory. Without thinking I will open tabs with social media and before you know it time flies…

I recently reinstalled Blocksite, a browser extension that blocks a list of sites you specify.
I’ve installed Blocksite before, but it turned out I would just bypass it, turn it off, and before you know it I was back in my old rhythm.

I get my best ideas when I’m bored. Sitting in a train, in the bathroom, waiting for the next band at a concert, those are usually the situations where it “happens”. I suppose this weird void of information helps me to focus.

Boredom is not a pleasant feeling. Instinctively I want see cool things all the time. The internet has provided me with more interesting information than I’ll ever be able to absorb.
Chocolate and bacon taste really good but too much of them is a bad idea. I can watch Youtube all day and not create anything, but after a few of those days I’ll start to feel bloated. A good data consumption/production ratio is important.

Boredom doesn’t happen by itself, I have to make an effort to find it.

20 minutes of Facebook per day should be enough.