water study .gif

rafael rozendaal water study gif


gif animations by rosa menkman

A few weeks ago I participated in the Rojo Nova Festival in Rio. Together with group of artists and musicians we created a 60 minute live experience. Rosa Menkman was one of the artists on the team, and she decided to make some glitch interpretations of my work. She’s interested in file formats and their aesthetics. You can read and see Rosa’s full report here.

rosa menkman rafael rozendaal

rosa menkman rafael rozendaal


tea glass .gif

rafael rozendaal tea glass .gif


breathing circle .gif

breathing circle rafael rozendaal


fast compositions .gif

fast compositions rafael rozendaal 2011


abyss sketch

abyss rafael rozendaal


finger battle .gif

rafael rozendaal finger battle gif


support red light radio

Red Light Radio is an independent Internet Radio Station based in the Red Light District in Amsterdam, broadcasting from a former prostitution window.
They need your support to keep making awesome radio shows like these.
You can donate here. Go!


blue red wheel .gif

blue red wheel gif rafael rozendaal 2011


aux raus cd cover

aux raus cd

aux raus cd

Aux Raus is a band from Amsterdam. They mix electronics and guitar and an energetic crazy performance into a naive and original sound. “Grunge-Rave”…
Their new album “All Creeping Things Stopped Creeping” is out now with my hot doom .com on the cover.
You can listen to the album here.

Below is a video I made for them a few years ago. It’s the only music video I’ve done (so far):



animated fruits


new piece: sad for japan .com

2011 sad for japan


o globo (brazilian newspaper) article

o globo brazilian newspaper

Today there is an article about me and Neen in O Globo, Brazil’s biggest newspaper.
Thank you very much to super journalist Carol Luck!


my bookshelf on itsnicethat

RR kindle on the beach

Culture blog It’s Nice That asked me to take a picture of my bookshelf and write a bit about my five favorite books. You can read it all here.
And yes, that’s my Kindle at Ipanema beach in Rio. It is an awesome machine, lighter than most books, I hiiiiighly recommend it. I’ll write a Kindle post soon.


my work on ikono tv

ikono tv

Today many of my websites will be broadcasted for 24 hours on Art TV station Ikono. Their motto is “Television becomes beautiful”. Artworks are shown without any extra information, just the titles and the works themselves. It is an exhibition space in the form of a TV channel. You can see Ikono in these channels: ARABSAT (22 Arab countries), Etisalat channel 484 (UAE) & du channel 410 (Dubai).


new piece: carnal fury .com

2011 carnal fury .com

New piece! carnal fury .com (turn sound up)

Commissioned by Kunstverein Wiesbaden
Code by Reinier Feijen

Thank you.


nova rojo festival in rio

Happening right now, The Nova Festival in Rio is Organized by Rojo magazine and includes a huge variety of contemporary culture. Above is a photo taken by Gabriel Paranagua of a group performance I did at Fundação Casa França-Brasil together with Rosa Menkman, Jeffers Egan, Isan, Evan Voytas and Elen.

Thank you everyone!


greetings from rio de janeiro


we transfer

we transfer

Highly recommended: We Transfer, the easy way to send big files.
Simple, free, no sign-up, nice design.


Cuko is playing the Finger Battle app

Youtube user Pablosuam made a cool Finger Battle video, including Rocky theme :)