Ideally the work is not a manifestation of an idea, the work is the idea.


I’m looking for an intern


Hello world wide web,

I am looking for an intern. I am going to do research on 3D games, so anyone who loves games, makes games, 3D modelling, proto typing… that would be great.
I will be in Berlin the next few months but it can also be a Skype-based internship if you want.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you, you e-mail me here.


BYOB world map

byob world map

BYOB keeps on growing, now you can follow it on Google Maps.


“To Walk The Night” at Gloria Maria Gallery, Milan

to walk the night

to walk the night

to walk the night


hybrid moment app for iPhone & iPad

I’m happy to tell you that Hybrid Moment is now available as a standalone app in the iTunes Store.


rafael rozendaal hybrid moment iphone app


rafael rozendaal hybrid moment iphone app


rafael rozendaal hybrid moment iphone app


hybrid moment in seoul korea

seoul korea


interview on french TV canal +

rafael rozendaal french tv canal plus interview


british carpet culture

british carpet culture

Dear Brits, you are great. You live in a wonderful country. Good music, awesome jokes, beautiful countryside.
But why all the carpet everywhere? Airports, libaries, pubs, trains, even bathrooms; all the floors are covered with carpet! The toilet! Not a rug… carpet, fixed on the floor for years and years. Is there any way of keeping it clean?
Is this carpet habit exclusive to Britain? Was this habit exported to British colonies? Are there any other countries who love carpet this much? It’s intriguing.


BYOB Venezia 2011 video documentation

BYOB Venezia took place on the Island Of San Servolo,
Accademia Di Belle Arti Di Venezia, Thursday June 2nd 2011.

Thank you to everyone involved!


bloomberg article about the business side of digital art

bloomberg news

Smart Robots, Digital Dollars Lure Collectors as Internet Rocks Art World, By Caroline Winter


quotes from “television and US fiction” by david foster wallace

david foster wallace

“E Unibus Pluram: Television and U.S. Fiction” (The Review of Contemporary Fiction, 1993) is an essay by David Foster Wallace.

Here are some sentences I highlighted:

We literally cannot imagine life without it. We’re not different from our fathers in that television presents and defines our contemporary world.

Gifted salesmen explain how people are always most vulnerable, hence frightened, hence persuadable, when they are approached solo.

Given that television must revolve off basic antinomies about being and watching, about escape from daily life, the averagely intelligent viewer can’t be all that happy about his daily life of high-dose watching. Joe Briefcase might have been happy enough when watching, but it was hard to think he could be too terribly happy about watching so much.

Digital signals have an advantage over analog signals in that they can be stored and manipulated without deterioration.

In the new millennium, U.S. television will finally become ideally, GOPishly democratic: egalitarian, interactive, and “profitable” without being “exploitative.”

We will, in short, be able to engineer our own dreams.

Make no mistake: we are dependent on image-technology; and the better the tech, the harder we’re hooked.


a still from paprika (2006)

paprika 2006


what’s your favorite place in the world?

rafael rozendaal ipanema water rio sea

Pablo Gaviria asks: What’s your favorite place in the world?

Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro, right there in the water.


basic red and blue .gif

rafael rozendaal basic red blue


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