andy warhol interviews rafaël rozendaal for swan nationale

AW: Rafaël…
RR: Andy…
AW: How are you?
RR: I’m good. I just threw away a lot of trash so I feel really good.
There’s nothing I enjoy more than throwing away things.
AW: What did you throw out?
RR: Books, T-shirts, electronics… stuff. How are you?
AW: I’m OK.
RR: What’s the after-life like?
AW: I can’t tell you.
RR: Why not?
AW: I just can’t.
RR: You’re not supposed to or you don’t want to?
AW: I want to and I should but I can’t.
RR: Is it too abstract for me to understand?
AW: No.
RR: What does it look like? Biblical?
AW: No not really.
RR: Is it just like life?
AW: No it’s different but I just can’t explain it.
RR: Do you talk to a lot of living people?
AW: Do you talk to a lot of dead people?
RR: Actually I do.
AW: Why?
RR: They are the most interesting people around.
I like things I can’t touch.
AW: Which dead people do you talk to?
RR: I spoke to Dali in a dream. We were sitting next to each other waiting for a fashion show to start and he asked me what it is I do. I tried to explain him my work and the internet but he didn’t understand.
AW: That’s why I won’t even start to explain the after-life.
I could tell you it’s like watching TV in slow motion, but that doesn’t even really cover it. TV is over anyway.

RR: So you see everything happening very slowly?
AW: Kind of. When I chew on a piece of gum it takes about two hundred years to get my mouth to close, and four hundred years to open it up again.
But when I get bored I can fast forward. That’s the after-life.

RR: How can you fast forward?
AW: I don’t know, you just do it. But I never do it because I love the slow motion.
It’s really what I had been waiting for all my life.

RR: Do you have any advice for my life?
AW: Stop worrying. Don’t worry. Your worries are not going to help you in any way.