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ios 7

By now you’ve probably seen Apple’s updates mobile software, iOS7. I received a few emails from friends saying iOS7 looked a lot like my work. I don’t know if that’s true, but Apple is moving away from using textures and I never used textures in my work.

I think textures on a screen are of a denial of material… a screen is made out of pixels, and those pixels can display a range of colors. But the pixels can’t move in 3 dimensional space, they are always on a flat surface. Screen images are really about as flat as it gets. There is no texture.

Painters have always dealt with texture, because they’re working with atoms, not bits. They can use metallic colors, thick paint, thin paint, different canvasses… There are no neon colors on a screen, there are no metallic colors on a screen. You can take a picture of gold, you can upload that picture to a computer, but screen colors are built from 3 colors and those are the limitations. No gold. I’ve always been interested in maximizing those limitations, not denying them.

If you think a bit more, even making flat images doesn’t make much sense. A flat image of a car is a lie, the car on the screen is not a real car, it’s an image of a car. So there’s no real difference in using an image of a texture or using an image of a car.

When you really break it down, I don’t know what is the most honest way of using a computer to make images. Computers think in electrical signals, so that would be it?

The real issue is that humans and computers are very different and don’t really understand each other.