rafael rozendaal under water

Selected shows

From Zero to 2018, Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam
Portals_Thresholds, Cleveland Institute of Arts, US
Generosity, Towada Art Center, Japan (solo)
Mapping the Invisible, Yebisu festival, TOP Museum, Tokyo
Colour & Abstraction, Textile Museum, Netherlands
Portraits, Steve Turner, Los Angeles (solo)

Stedelijk Base, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
Choice and Chance, Eye Film Museum, Amsterdam
Anti Social, Postmasters, New York (solo)
Convenient, Takuro Someya, Tokyo (solo)
Art from the Hugo Brown Family Collection, Kunsthal, Rotterdam
Sleepmode: The Art of the Screensaver, Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam (curator)
Kenpoku Festival, Japan
Hello Robot, Vitra Museum, Germany
Cubicles, Foam Museum, Amsterdam
Popular Screen Sizes, JCC Singapore
Insomnia, Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm

Complex Computational Compositions, Upstream, Amsterdam (solo)
Abstract Browsing, Steve Turner, Los Angeles (solo)
Somewhere, Takuro Someya, Tokyo (solo)
Kenpoku Festival, Ibaraki, Japan
BYOB, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (curator)
Doings & Knots, Tallin Art Hall, Estonia
Dialogue with Something Invisible, Artium, Japan
New Gameplay, Nam June Paik art center, Seoul
Digital Abstraction, HEK, Basel
Unknown Landscape, Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam

Soft Focus, MU, Eindhoven (solo)
Haiku, Postmasters, New York (solo)
Times Square Midnight Moment, New York (solo)
STRP Biennial, Eindhoven
On And On, Carl Kostyál, Isbrytaren, Stockholm (solo)
L’art et le Numérique en Résonance, La Maison Populaire, Montreuil
Mankind/Machinekind, Krinziger Projecte, Vienna

Almost Nothing, Hardly Anything, Steve Turner, Los Angeles (solo)
Born Digital, Museum of the Image, Breda
The Moving Museum, Istanbul
External Memory, Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam (solo)
Selected Websites, Hammer Museum, LA
Seoul Art Square, Seoul, Korea (solo)
Liquid Crystal, Honor Fraser Gallery, LA
Looking at Something, Telfair Museum, Savannah
Illumination, G8 Gallery, Tokyo

Everything you see is in the past, Postmasters Gallery, New York (solo)
Seoul Art Square, Seoul (solo)
Paddles On!, Phillips, New York
BYOB Mobile, Printed Matter, New York
Being in the wired world, Kawasaki City Museum, Japan
Cold Void, KK Outlet, Los Angeles
6 websites, Salon94 Bowery, New York
Book Machine, Centre Pompidou, Paris
Node Festival, Kunstverein Frankfurt
#FutureMyth, 319 Scholes, New York
Brand Innovations, Carroll/Fletcher, London
Notes on a new nature, Art et Amicitae, Amsterdam

Mythology Online, Science Museum, Moscow
Without Hesitation, Tokyo
Everything Always Everywhere, Steve Turner Contemporary, Los Angeles (solo)
AND Festival, UK
Seoul Art Square, Seoul, Korea
Richteriana, Postmasters Gallery, NYC
Dotcom, Centre d’Art Bastille, Grenoble
Nova, Museu da Imagem e do Som de São Paulo
Everything Dies, Kunstverein Arnsberg, Germany (solo)
In and Out, Tetem, The Netherlands (solo)

BYOB: Games, Postmasters Gallery, NYC
New Information, Nordin Gallery, Stockholm (solo)
In Motion, With Project Space, NYC (solo)
Extimacy, CACT, Lugano, Switzerland
BYOB Amsterdam, W139 (curator)
BYOB Tokyo, Tokyo
The Shift, W139, Amsterdam (solo)
BYOB Venezia, Venice Biennial, Venezia (curator)
To Walk The Night, Gloria Maria Gallery, Milan (solo)
File Festival, Rio de Janeiro
BYOB Paris, Paris
BYOB London, London
Rojo Nova Festival, Rio de Janeiro
DLD Conference, Munich, Germany

Speedshow/PeepShow, Hong Kong
BYOB NYC, Spencer Brownstone Gallery, New York (curator)
Bal Jaune Ricard, Paris
BYOB Athens, Kunsthalle Athena, Greece
Thank You Very Much, Future Gallery, Berlin (solo)
Perfect Vacuum, Galeri Pictura, Sweden (solo)
Speedshow, Amsterdam
BYOB (bring your own beamer), Berlin (curated w Anne de Vries)
Yes For Sure, NIMk, Amsterdam (solo)
Broken Self, Spencer Brownstone gallery, New York (solo)
Kunsthalle Athena, Athens, Greece
Texture Maps, Nest, The Hague
Better Brain: Projected Manifestations of Futurity, Future Gallery, Berlin
Don’t worry, be happy!, Showroom Mama, Rotterdam
I’m good, TSCA, Tokyo (solo)

The Last Session, De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam
AFK sculpture park (away from keyboard), Berlin
Afficha Festival, Moscow
Biennale di Venezia, Padiglione Internet, Venice, Italy
The New Easy, Art News, Berlin
Really Really Big, NP3, Groningen (solo)
Are you sure you are you?, Spencer Brownstone Gallery, NYC
Straylight Cavern, Cell Project Space, London
The Real Thing, MU art foundation, Eindhoven

Love Delirium, Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Vienna
FILE, São Paolo, Brasil
Rhizome commissions, New Museum, New York
Point of no Return, Rubicon Gallery, Dublin
The Long Cigarette, SMCS, Amsterdam, Pictura, Dordrecht

Flaming Log, Carmelitas Gallery, Barcelona (solo)
Dazed & Confused vs. Andy Warhol, Baltic Mill, England
Piece by Piece, Galeria dels Angels, Barcelona (solo)
Existential Computing, Hayward Gallery, London
Much Better Than This, Horsecross, Perth

Neen Evening, SMCS, Amsterdam
Neen Demo, Benaki Museum, Athens
SMCS op 11, Amsterdam (solo)
Superneen, Galleria Pack, Milan
Inside Out, Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam

Loop of Neen, Loop Festival, Barcelona
Bienal de Valencia, Valencia, Spain
Sonar Festival, Barcelona
Neen Season, Sketch, London (solo)
It Will Never be the Same, le Magasin, Grenoble, France

Neen Porn, Galeria dels Angels, Barcelona
It Will Never be the Same, Quarantine, Amsterdam (solo)
New Masters of Universe, Moca Taipei, Taiwan
NeenToday, MU art foundation, eindhoven, the netherlands (curator)
I am Very Very Sorry, Gallery MVZ, Amsterdam

Afterneen, Casco, Utrecht, Netherlands
Neen World, Vilette Numerique, Paris, New York
White Trash, Electronic Orphanage, Los Angeles (solo)

2001, Deitch projects, New York
Tirana Biennale, Tirana Albania