In defense of the silly

To defend the silly is a paradox: when you explain something it stops being silly.

Serious thoughts are serious. The more the thoughts are researched and defended, the more robust they become. They will be scrutinized and attacked and considered and researched and over time they become more and more solid. They are important because many people discuss them and the shared energy gives the thoughts weight.

Silly thoughts appear and leave quickly. It is the mind being relaxed and asking you what you care about when all problems are solved. When there is nothing to worry about.

What do we do with silly thoughts? Are they unimportant? Or are they the most important, because when the mind is relaxed, you can really be yourself?

Thoughts you cannot explain, defend, research, elaborate. These thoughts are considered unimportant, because we cannot explain their value. We cannot point out why these thoughts exist and why they keep popping up in our heads. But they do, they are there and they keep coming back.