my nintendo 3ds review

nintendo 3ds

Much to my surprise, Nintendo gave me a 3DS one day before the official release date. Online strategy experts First selected a number of “digital influencers” and I was lucky to be part of their list.

The 3DS is a handheld gaming device with a 3D screen, and no 3D glasses are needed. I am not much of a gamer… I like Tetris a bit, I used to play it on Nintendo’s first handheld, the Gameboy. I can’t really tell you about the gameplay, I can’t compare it with anything because I never play games, but I’m sure it’s great, it’s Nintendo.

More importantly, this device is a significant step in the evolution of depiction. Cave drawings, fresco’s, oil paintings, black & white photos, moving photos, motion pictures with sound, in full color, 3D, and now full color interactive 3D with sound. There might have been 3D interactivity before, but now it’s ready for the mainstream. They really nailed 3D gaming.

The video game industry is always pushing the limits of representation. Games are becoming more and more immersive. I think this screen is about as far as spatial illusion can go. There will be bigger 3D screens, higher resolution, but that’s about it.

The next step is injecting images directly into our mind. I’m sure someone is working on it right now.