Our former T-shirt company: Tagbanger

tagbanger fence season 1

Back in 2004 I moved to Los Angeles. I shared a studio with Jonathan Maghen and we started a T-shirt line called Tagbanger.

As artists, we were most excited about creating images. It was a nice form of collaboration, we both created and found images and then we would sit together and review the ideas. Sometimes we would execute the ideas together, sometimes separately. We found a great printer who used waterbased inks, we found a great T-shirt manufacturer, and we had nice labels made.

What we underestimated is that a business requires a lot more than just creating a product.

I tried going to stores to offer them our shirts but I would just feel awkward. And the logistics were not easy either.

We sold quite a few shirts but it never became a big thing that we could do fulltime. I really admire artists who are able to create a business of consumer oriented art products. In simple words: affordable art that anyone can buy.

Below are all the T-shirts we made. It was great fun and we made some money, and I learned a lot.

tagbanger finger tshirt

tagbanger four peppers tshirt

tagbanger kick the cat tshirt

tagbanger hourglass tshirt

tagbanger friendship tshirt

tagbanger internet tshirt

tagbanger barbeque tshirt

tagbanger alien skull tshirt

tagbanger backgammon tshirt

tagbanger chupacabras tshirt

tagbanger crystal ball shirt

tagbanger hourglass shirt

tagbanger gift shirt

tagbanger jellyfish shirt

tagbanger moon shirt

tagbanger no book shirt