RR haiku 062

i wish

i could make a living

from writing haiku


Moving Circle .gif

moving circle .gif


Random Polygons .gif

random polygons


Big Shape .gif

big shape .gif


Moving images

rotating circle

I have always been interested in the space between painting and animation. The concentration of painting, the liveliness of the moving image. I operate in the area between those two.

Our relationship with the moving image is changing. They surround us, a bit more every day.

I imagine we will live in a world where there is no difference between a screen or any other surface. Any surface can change at will.

It is this feeling, or expectation, that drives me to create moving images.


RR haiku 061

what you have

what you want

what you need


RR haiku 060



too late


RR haiku 059

green tea

in a white cup

with a blue line


RR haiku 058

sun rises

sun sets



Too hardcore for the museum network

misternicehands blocked


RR haiku 057

thank you

for reading



RR haiku 056

hopefully, one day

i will make something truly




“Misery”, new song by our band Cold Void


RR haiku 055





JODI netart video walkthrough by me

On the occasion of JODI’s exhibition at Mama Rotterdam, I created a movie.

It’s a screenrecording of me browsing their chaotic body of work,
checking which works are still online, which works still run, exploring…

Hope u like it!


New Lenticular Paintings

Rafael Rozendaal lenticular paintings 2014

Rafael Rozendaal lenticular paintings 2014

Rafael Rozendaal lenticular paintings 2014


My talk at the DLD14 conference

I was lucky to be in Munich for the DLD conference.

This is my presentation. I spoke about how I translate my online work to exhibitions. There were some technical issues, so I’m a bit confused in the beginning of the talk, but bear with me because I have many ideas I want to share with you.

Thank you everyone at DLD!


RR haiku 054