RR haiku 033





RR haiku 032

morning swim

an empty beach

water calm and clear


RR haiku 031


will always

be funny


RR haiku 030

life is easy

i’m safe

for now


RR haiku 029

i’ve never been to iceland

i hope it’s as amazing

as i imagine it to be


New: Nothing Ever Happens .com in collaboration with MOCAtv

nothing ever happens .com

New website! Nothing Ever Happens .com

In collaboration with MOCAtv:


Korean student playing with big computer

korean student into time


“Popular Screen Sizes” a while ago

popular screen sizes

Mirrors in the sizes of computer screens, click on image to enlarge.


RR haiku 028

once again


at a screen


Time Magazine article on digital art auction at Phillips

time magazine

click image to enlarge


RR haiku 027





RR haiku 026

on a computer

you can truly

delete something


RR haiku 025

time is passing




RR haiku 024

global warming

every time i breathe

it gets worse


RR haiku 023

a new day

no plans yet

what to do


RR haiku 022

a thick grey fog

blending city

and sky


RR haiku 021


you see

is in the past


Forbidden Planet: classic scifi movie

Forbidden Planet is the first science fiction film in which humans are depicted traveling in a starship of their own creation. It was also the very first science fiction film set entirely on another world in interstellar space, far away from the planet Earth. Forbidden Planet is considered one of the great science fiction films of the 1950s, a precursor of what was to come for the science fiction film genre in the decades that followed.

The film features the first groundbreaking use of an entirely electronic musical score by Louis and Bebe Barron.

forbidden planet

forbidden planet

forbidden planet