From Flash to HTML5

It’s like switching from oil paint to acrylic. I’m not super excited about it, but when you have to you have to.


Haircut at Okura Hotel Amsterdam

okura haircut

Yonekura is a Japanese barber shop at Hotel Okura Amsterdam. This is the place to come for a relaxing head and shoulder massage and a Japanese-style haircut. Ferdinand Bolstraat 333, +31 (0)20 6795462


Hello David Lynch

nekromisantrop david lynch

Hello David Lynch,

I really really love your work!

I don’t have your email address so I thought maybe if post this on my blog maybe someway you will receive a Google Alert and you might be able to see my websites. That would be amazing.

All the best,




yesterday at nordin gallery


in progress pt 2

stockholm nordin gallery

stockholm nordin gallery


mental note

Complete most important task before 11:00 A.M. to avoid using lunch or reading e-mail as a postponement excuse.


BYOB keeps on growing

Much to my surprise BYOB just keeps on growing. 52 BYOB’s have happened since July 2010, and 24 more are planned in the near future. Thank you to all of you who keep projecting!


in progress

stockholm mirrors


“New Information” my solo show at Nordin Gallery, Stockholm, opening this Saturday

rafael rozendaal new information stockholm nordin gallery

Rafaël Rozendaal – New Information
19 November – 18 December
Opening SATURDAY November 19, 17.00-20.00
Nordin Gallery, Tulegatan 19, 11353, Stockholm

Nordin Gallery is happy to present Rafaël Rozendaal’s first solo exhibition in Stockholm.

The center piece of the exhibition “Popular Screen Sizes” is a series of mirrors in the sizes of screens. Screens are our window to a dream world, and they come in many sizes. In this site specific installation we see a range of mirrors carefully placed from big screen TV size all the way down to a phone screen.

Rafaël Rozendaal has always used the internet as his first stage, but increasingly mirrors have been playing an important role in his
gallery exhibitions. “My medium is moving light, and mirrors amplify this light. They are a metaphor for representation and they introduce a sense of cleanliness to exhibition spaces. Real space collects dust, but mirrors add a more shining light”.

The exhibition will feature mirrors, projections, and drawings. All of these gestures are connections between the viewer and the artist, not necessarily communicating but transmitting energy.


green socks

green socks blue pants


“Art Talk”, Vice Magazine made a short movie about me

Vice Magazine presents Art Talk, a series of short documentaries on contemporary artists.
In this episode they followed me around at my exhibition at W139 and BYOB Amsterdam.
Thank you to Jan van Tienen and everyone at Vice, peace!

rafael rozendaal art talk vice magazine


“In Motion” at With Project Space NYC

rafael rozendaal with nyc 2011

rafael rozendaal with nyc 2011

rafael rozendaal with nyc 2011

rafael rozendaal with nyc 2011

rafael rozendaal with nyc 2011

rafael rozendaal with nyc 2011

rafael rozendaal with nyc 2011

rafael rozendaal with nyc 2011

rafael rozendaal with nyc 2011

rafael rozendaal with nyc 2011


2 projections in Munich

At Peer to Space in Munich


Self portrait as Leslie Nielsen

RR halloween 2011 leslie nielsen


stained glass on marcy stop

staied glass on marcy stop


into time installation .gif

into time installation

Gif by Brandy Carstens


new piece: into time .org

into time .org

new piece: into time .org


goodbye files

Recently I started streaming music instead of playing mp3’s. There is something very satisfying about deleting files, knowing that they will always be available somewhere. The only memory I have to allocate is the memory in my own head, I just have to remember names.
I can’t wait till all my digital is in the cloud. I won’t need harddisks, backups, just some passwords and I can work anywhere on any computer. Maybe at some point I won’t need a computer, just accessing the cloud through telepathy?