Interview at The Creative Independent

A conversation with Brandon Stosuy for The Creative Independent.
We talk about process and inspiration.


My talk at SDF2016 Korea


interview at DIS magazine

RR dis magazine

I was interviewed by Marvin Jordan for DIS magazine. We talk about the social, economic, and aesthetic conditions that characterize the landscape of internet-based art.

Very happy about this text, read it here.


Human Being Journal

photo by clement pascal

This is an archive of an article in Human Being Journal #5.
Text by Tag Christof, Photography by Clement Pascal.

In the early 1980s, Sherrie Levine gained notoriety for her groundbreaking exhibition After Walker Evans. She had photographed a number of the FSA master’s Great Depression-era photographs (notably all taken before she was born in 1947) and then hung and presented them, in all seriousness, as her original work. She had shot and developed the actual photos on display, so in a strictly ontological sense, the work was hers. But unlike earlier appropriation work, Levine made no attempt to disguise or alter the source. Instead, she made a game of subverting originality by calling it out in the exhibition’s title. The art world bristled. Was it still life? Was it original? Was it just shameless, lazy theft? And what did any of this mean for the value of a photograph as a piece of art?

Fast forward a few decades and art history has sided squarely with Levine. But the work of a new generation of digital artists is begging a similar set of questions around reproducibility, value and ownership. Rafae?l Rozendaal is among their foremost pioneers, having worked on the web prolifically since around the turn of the millennium. He trained as a conventional artist, but since 2001 has been buying up clever domain names on which to set up interactive artworks. The sites are singular — each contains one engaging scenario rendered in bright and proudly RGB palettes, and invites the user into a bit of unexpected usability. Among them are, pleasetouchme. com,,, and several others.


I was interviewed for NYU college radio “Citywide”


Time Magazine article on digital art auction at Phillips

time magazine

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My interview on Dutch Radio show “De Avonden”

On the occasion of the Incubate festival, Vincent Korememan & me were invited to talk on Dutch (VPRO) Radio show De Avonden.

We had a nice conversation about art, brands and tattoos. It’s all in Dutch dus lekker luisteren.

I was very excited to see the VPRO building. Like most people my age, I grew up with their eccentric TV shows like Rembo & Rembo and Van Kooten & De Bie. The new world of blogs and social media and self publishing is cool, but seeing their studios and rich history was quite an experience. It makes me wonder what the future is for an institution like VPRO, I hope they keep on making great things!


My work on the cover of PIG Quarterly (Italy)

pig quarterly

Please check out PIG Quarterly, a magazine from Italy.
They featured my work on the cover of the new issue.


Philippe Gerlach photographed me for Modern Matter magazine

rafael rozendaal philippe gerlach

rafael rozendaal philippe gerlach

Modern Matter is a magazine focusing on art & fashion.

In this issue a number of artists (Maurizio Cattelan, Bjarne Melgaard, me, …) are interviewed,
talking about what it is like to live and work in New York.

Photos by Phillipe Gerlach.


Dutch art magazine “Metropolis M” writes about the art world’s slow acceptance of digital culture.

metropolis m magazine

Renowned Dutch art magazine Metropolis M recently published an article about “Digital Discrimination”. Technological art and museums/galleries seem quite separated.

I’m curious how the times will develop. I think we can all agree that computers are changing the world, but how that will change art still remains to be seen.

Classic subjects in new formats or new subjects in classic formats?

Probably both.