Selected Youtube comments

Last night I watched this while high, and fuck this guy. Creating
shitty flash animations with abstract colors, and doing the the whole
“It’s an empty room.” artwork bullshit. Again, fuck this guy.

please stop and go get a job. you are annoying.

fuck this asshole

This guy can hardly explain his own ideas.

He’s honest.

Lazy art…

i want to do that

what a load of fucking shite

what the fuck. how does he make a living off that??

What a joke. My buddys toddler has more artistic talent. I sincerely
hope people dont support this pathetic excuse for an “artist”.

shitty haircut


what a waste of both resources and time

I just took a shit. Is that art?

It is sad that this is considered “art”.

Completely useless

What a fucking idiot

this guy is cool. i like his stuff.

artsy fartsy unemployed-ey

These arty types all talk in riddles.

This guy has smoked himself retarded



If this is your life…then YOUR LIFE IS SHIT!!!!

This comment is art.

its beautiful

I walk into public farting in peoples faces. It’s art!

cool story bro, tell it again

i think this is really cool.

If I was high I might enjoy his work, but unfortunately I am sober and
can say with a clear mind that this is complete bull shit

suck a bag of dicks
2deep4you…. but no seriously i agree.

so this faggot gets paid to make fart noise? FUCK THE WORLD

video tittle should be “how to make money by selling internet trolling”

This is so edgy.

Do you even art, bro?

Yes, in fact, I just arted in the bathroom 5 minutes ago.