the greatest visual artists

greatest artists

When I visit art fairs or read art magazines, most of what I see is so ugly and boring I just want to cry. I want it to be clear that I do not hate everything. It’s just that most of what happens in contemporary art does not interest me at all. I don’t like being negative and that is why I have compiled my list of the world’s greatest visual artists. To understand why I chose what I chose, please read my criteria for art criticism.

Chuck Jones, Dan Flavin, David Hockney, David Lynch, Ed Ruscha, Fra Angelico, Giacomo Balla, Gustave Courbet, James Turrell, Jan van Eyck, Jeff Koons, Jeremy Bailey, Joan Miró, Johannes Vermeer, Kazimir Malevich, Keita Takahashi, Malcolm Mclaren, Marcel Duchamp, Max Fleischer, Miltos Manetas, Nikola Tosic, Nocturno Culto, Piet Mondrian, René Magritte, Robert Crumb, Roy Lichtenstein, Salvador Dalí, Sam Peckinpah, Sergio Leone, Shigeru Miyamoto & Gunpei Yokoi, Ub Iwerks, Trey Parker & Matt Stone, Vincent van Gogh, Walt Disney, Andy Warhol, Werner Herzog.