what do you think about before you fall asleep?

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Claire Billingsley asks: what do you think about before you fall asleep?

Hello Claire, thank you for your question.
I usually fall asleep immediately. I lay down, close my eyes, and I’m gone.

Sometimes it takes a while. I enjoy those moments. Laying in bed with fresh sheets and a nice pillow after a hot bath… it is the most comfortable moment of the day, the most comfortable anything I can think of. I try to be aware of the comfort, to enjoy it and to take it in fully. Lately I have also been trying to be aware of the falling asleep process. This is quite difficult. I have not yet succeeded and I wonder if it’s possible. I close my eyes, and I can feel the sleep state getting close. I can feel a warm comfortable numbness, slowly moving towards my mind. But just before I fall asleep, I am no longer aware of it. I lose consciousness. How else could I fall asleep?

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