what will happen after the internet?

after the internet

Hello Jonathan, thank you for your question.

Does “after the internet” imply that the internet will end? What will we do when we run out of internet?
Or are you curious what the next big thing might be?
The stone age, the industrial age, the information age, and then…

The funny thing is, the future is usually not what we think it will be. 50 years ago, people imagined a future of flying cars and meals-in-a-pill. Instead, today we have budget airlines and organic food.

It seems obvious that one day our organic brains will merge with machines. Our nerves use electric signals, just like computers do. Even though the human brain is still too complex to reverse engineer, it is not hard to imagine that one day people and computers will figure out how to truly connect to each other. We could copy our mind to the network and witness our digital clones drifting like waves in an electronic ocean. Who knows what will happen? Will we make infinite copies of our egos? And let them mutate? Will our subconscious run free? Will all our minds merge on the network and become a superior collective consciousness? How would a soul feel if it is no longer confined to single person?

My instinct tells me that something more simple and radical is right in front of us. If you ask me, our perception of time is very primitive. I expect some major discoveries very soon. The earth was once thought of as a flat surface with the universe rotating around it. It turned out we were seeing things in a limited way.
The ideas of past, present and future must be false because they are very problematic. There is no now, by definition, we are to slow to witness it. Everything we observe has already happened.
I believe that once we realize that time is not an absolute force, our lives will change drastically. All our concepts will be wiped out and rebuilt from the ground up. Imagine manipulating time as you desire. We will have to rethink our purpose in life. The consequences will be so severe it is impossible for me to really tell you what life will be like. Without time limits there is no scarcity and no one will ever be busy. The idea of work, necessity, all gone. Imagine having no obligations, and all the time in the universe at your disposal. Boredom will be the new frontier.

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