Words on abstraction – Introduction

rafael rozendaal abstract

Some time ago someone asked me “Why has your work shifted from figurative to abstract?”

I am happy that I rarely have to answer the question “why”. That’s what’s great about being an artist. I spend my time on things I want to spend my time on, without having to have any reason. I don’t have to answer to anyone so why should I try to verbalize what happens intuitively?

However, this question about abstraction kept occupying my mind. I could not let it go. I started writing notes and I’ve been trying to formulate why my work has shifted in a certain direction. The notes are a big mess and I tried to organise them into a consistent text. I tried and I tried but I was not getting anywhere.

Writing helps me. If I don’t write, the same thoughts just circle in my head until there’s a tornado of thoughts and I can’t think of anything else. That is why I decided to elaborate on this question.

I decided to write out my thoughts in a series of short texts, which will start appearing on this blog. The most difficult thing is to verbalise my thoughts without trying to defend myself or formulate a truth. I don’t think art needs any rules. But that is a rule in itself which I’m trying to avoid.