RR haiku 192

i really want to

i know i shouldn’t

i think i will


RR haiku 191

summer night

a small roach

crawling on my bed


RR haiku 190

as long as i’m

with you

i’m ok


RR haiku 189

is it me?

or is that

really stupid


RR haiku 188

not sure

let me think about it

i’ll get back to you


RR haiku 187

it is very important

that i don’t do



RR haiku 186

i am here

you are



RR haiku 185


make more money

than you spend


RR haiku 184

whatever i might say

i have absolutely no idea

what i’m doing


RR haiku 183

i always hated it

but actually

it’s quite nice


RR haiku 182

buy it

and you

own it


RR haiku 181

when old people

like what i do

i make money


RR haiku 180

everything is wrong


is right


RR haiku 179

i hate new york

but i have to live here

i’m an artist


RR haiku 178

a cup of tea

too hot to drink

almost ready