RR haiku 156

if you don’t

drink water

you will die


RR haiku 155

doing something

doing something else

doing something


RR haiku 154

i dont need

a studio

i need a pool


RR haiku 153

low battery

five percent



RR haiku 152


then suddenly

the urge to poop


RR haiku 151

the only thing

better than money

is more money


RR haiku 150

write first




RR haiku 149

am i evil

for buying things

on amazon


RR haiku 148

city noise

a gentle breeze

passing through


RR haiku 147

not much

i can do

about that


RR haiku 146





RR haiku 145

plate was full

now it’s empty

back to work


RR haiku 144

can’t sleep

tried everything

still can’t sleep


RR haiku 143

very hot

very humid

very summer


RR haiku 142

no meaning

no message

no answer