RR haiku 267

i’ll do it

real soon

i promise


3 new websites


RR haiku 266

had to

have to

will do


RR haiku 265





RR haiku 264

if you give me

all your money

you are broke


RR haiku 263

let me just

check that

for a second


haiku book 2018

Haiku 2018 – 2013
Available at Spheres Publication
240 pages
10.8 × 17.5 cm
Dark grey softcover with silver foil print, Colored Paper


Shadow Objects


Haiku at Galeria Cavalo, Rio


Abstract Browsing 18 01 series

Abstract Browsing 18 01 01 Guggenheim

Abstract Browsing 18 01 03 Dropbox Paper

Abstract Browsing 18 01 04 The Outline

Abstract Browsing 18 01 05 Twitter

Photos by Gert-Jan van Rooij


Selected websites at Cleveland Institute of Art

photos by Field Studio


RR haiku 262

almost ready

almost there

almost done


RR haiku 261

be careful


or not


Near Next 17 08 01

Near Next 17 08 01
Lenticular weaving (linen)
144 x 200 cm
Photo by Gert-Jan van Rooij


Abstract Browsing 17 08 10X

Abstract Browsing 17 08 10X
(Google Docs, Feedly, iMore, Top Ten Reviews, Waze,
Reviews, Amazon, Nerdwallet, Google Drive, Twitter)

Jacquard weaving, 280 x 510 cm

Photo by Josefina Eikenaar

On view at Textile Museum Tilburg as part of the Color & Abstraction exhibition.


RR haiku 260

i hope

they like

this one


RR haiku 259

slowly realizing




RR haiku 258

i am here

you are



RR haiku 257

this is


for you


new website: manysome.com