Human/Digital: The Brown Family Collection at the Kunsthal Rotterdam

Human / Digital: A Symbiotic Love Affair
Digital Art From The Hugo Brown Family Collection

Kunsthal Rotterdam, 2017
Photography by Job Janssen


Sleepmode – Screensaver exhibition at The Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam

Sleepmode: The Art of the Screensaver
Curated by Rafaël Rozendaal
27 jan — 20 aug 2017
Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam
Photos by Gert-Jan van Rooij


RR haiku 247

i don’t really

want to do



RR haiku 246

not doing anything

in particular

at the moment


Abstract Browsing 16 10 series


RR haiku 245

sit back


the end is near


RR haiku 244





RR haiku 243

salt in wound

salt in eye

salt on steak


RR haiku 242

flight delayed

boarding starts

in 45 minutes


RR haiku 241

excuse me

if you don’t mind

just a second


Sleepmode: The Art of the Screensaver

I am curating an exhibition called Sleepmode: The Art of the Screensaver.
It opens January 26 at the Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam.

27 lifesize projections of all the classics… Windows, Apple, After Dark, and many others. It’s a survey of screensavers, from the very first (a black screen) all the way to now. There will also be an audiotour with background stories as you walk through the exhibition.

We also made an extensive web-publication, which has writings, videos, source material and interviews with the screensaver creators.


new website: egg alone .com


RR haiku 240

the best thing

about being with you

is being with you


Abstract Browsing performance at Bonniers Konsthall Stockholm

I will do an Abstract Browsing performance at Bonniers Konsthall in Stockholm, Wednesday January 18, 8pm.


new website:


Good Point Podcast

goodpoint podcast

I started a podcast with Jeremy Bailey.

We talk on Skype about once a week and discuss art, technology, and all related topics.

You can find us in your podcast app, just search for “Good Point”…

Here is the iTunes link and here we are on Soundcloud.


RR haiku 239

i don’t like

a lot of things

i love you


RR haiku 238

waiting for my tea

waiting for my eggs

might be a while