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RR haiku 275

first one

only one

no one


RR haiku 274





RR haiku 273

i know

i know

i should


RR haiku 272

when in doubt

throw it



RR haiku 271

i’m on a diet

for the rest

of my life


Nervous at Postmasters Roma


Random Fear in Kunsthal Rotterdam

“Random Fear with Mirrors”
at the exhibition “Trouble in Paradise, collection Rattan Chadha”
Kunsthal, Rotterdam
Photos by Job Janssen & Jan Adriaans


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some still .com


RR haiku 270

if this

and or

why not


“Don’t do too much” exhibition at Postmasters, New York

Don’t do too much
exhibition at Postmasters Gallery, New York
Photos by Tamas Banovich & Kyle Knodell


Freedom of Movement at Stedelijk Museum

Freedom of Movement, curated by Karen Archey
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 2018
Photos by Peter Tijhuis


RR haiku 269

tourists here

tourists there

tourists everywhere


RR haiku 268

will i use this

any time soon

probably not


RR haiku 267

i’ll do it

real soon

i promise


3 new websites


RR haiku 266

had to

have to

will do


RR haiku 265





RR haiku 264

if you give me

all your money

you are broke


RR haiku 263

let me just

check that

for a second


haiku book 2018

Haiku 2018 – 2013
Available at Spheres Publication
240 pages
10.8 × 17.5 cm
Dark grey softcover with silver foil print, Colored Paper