RR haiku 183

i always hated it

but actually

it’s quite nice


RR haiku 182

buy it

and you

own it


RR haiku 181

when old people

like what i do

i make money


RR haiku 180

everything is wrong


is right


RR haiku 179

i hate new york

but i have to live here

i’m an artist


RR haiku 178

a cup of tea

too hot to drink

almost ready


RR haiku 177

the idea

of perfection

is imperfect


RR haiku 176

might have

might have happened

might have not


RR haiku 175

the best way

to organize stuff

get rid of it


RR haiku 174

if you are rich

and want to feel poor

move to new york


at least i tried

at least i tried website

at least i tried .org is a website with essays related to my haiku,

written by

Kayla Anderson
Haley Berkman
Margaret Carrigan
Marvin Jordan
Forrest Nash

curated by Seth Stolbun.

thank you all!


RR haiku 173

flight to japan

six hours passed

eight more to go


RR haiku 172

i will die




RR haiku 171

butter bacon

chili chocolate

double dip


RR haiku 170

oh no

forgot to buy



RR haiku 169

i said it before

i won’t

say it again


RR haiku 168

woke up

from a deep nap

sweaty and confused


new website! trash loop .com

trash loop