RR haiku 167

sun coming up

first one at the pool

few drops of rain


RR haiku 166

trying not to

end up

having to


RR haiku 165

i really love

how trees move

in the wind


RR haiku 164

excuse me

do you mind

just a second


RR haiku 163

what to do

what to say

where to go


RR haiku 162

big room

big window

big view


RR haiku 161

if you’re not


you’re late


RR haiku 160

thank you

for making life



RR haiku 159

make stuff

sell stuff

buy stuff


RR haiku 158

dear fried egg

you could have been

a chicken


RR haiku 157

don’t want


want that


RR haiku 156

if you don’t

drink water

you will die


RR haiku 155

doing something

doing something else

doing something


RR haiku 154

i dont need

a studio

i need a pool


RR haiku 153

low battery

five percent



RR haiku 152


then suddenly

the urge to poop


RR haiku 151

the only thing

better than money

is more money


RR haiku 150

write first