The world’s biggest kiss (HD video)

I was invited by curator by Lauren Cornell and the New Museum to show a selection of my websites on Seoul Square, the world’s largest LED screen, measuring an impressive 80 x 100 meters. The event happened on May 24, 2012 and was produced by Calvin Klein.

I always thought moving images are very versatile. They are energy based, not atom based, just like music. You can listen to a song at home, while you run, in a club, or in a huge stadium.
It doesn’t change the song, it does change the experience.

Works shown on Seoul Square:
Much Better Than This .com (Collection of Almar & Margot van der Krogt)
Falling Falling .com
Like This Forever .com (Collection of Allen & Overy)
Towards and

Music by Cold Void (Rafaël Rozendaal & Luuk Bouwman)

A big thank you to everyone involved…

rafael rozendaal seoul square kiss

rafael rozendaal seoul square falling

rafael rozendaal seoul square rose

rafael rozendaal seoul square towardsbeyond