RR haiku 132

should i run

should i tea

should i nap


RR haiku 131

spring sun

summer breeze

winter mood


RR haiku 130

buy buy

sell sell

happy happy


RR haiku 129

will it ever happen

am i good enough

do they understand


RR haiku 128

hot in here

hot out there

no escape


RR haiku 127

might go well

might go bad

might not happen


RR haiku 126

sharp light of spring

sound of

honking cars


RR haiku 125

don’t overthink

don’t think



RR haiku 124

as long as

you’re not dead

you’re alive


RR haiku 123

thank you toilet

for swallowing

my poop


RR haiku 122

a strong urge to write

even if

there is nothing to say


rough circle



RR haiku 121

what it was

what it is

what it will be


RR haiku 120

chill out

take it easy

it’s cool


RR haiku 119


never seen

heard or felt