Color, Code, Communication at Museum Folkwang


Stairs mural at Faro, Tokyo


Permanent Distraction at Site Gallery, Sheffield


Screen Time at TSCA Tokyo


Mechanical Paintings at Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam


Times Square Midnight Moment, New York


Discrete Objects at Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam


Double Pressure at Centraal Museum, Utrecht


Random Fear with Mirrors at Kunsthal, Rotterdam


Nervous at Postmasters Gallery, Rome


Generosity at Towada Art Center, Japan


Don’t do too much at Postmasters Gallery, New York


Freedom of Movement at Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam


Portraits at Steve Turner, LA


Selected Websites at Cleveland Institute of Art


Anti Social at Postmasters, NYC


This Empty Room at Kenpoku Festival, Japan


Sleepmode, The Art of the Screensaver at The Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam


Complex Computational Compositions at Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam


On And On at Kostyal, Stockholm


Popular Screen Sizes at Nordin Gallery, Stockholm


BYOB, ongoing worldwide open exhibition series